Reactive Abilities


Hasty Shielding (tier 1; Reaction; Religion +4; 3 vp)
Spirit 2. You may use this when an attack is declared against an ally within 30 feet. Until the end of the current turn, that ally gains a shield with 1d4 shield points. The power gains full SPS.


Stay Strong (tier 1; Reaction; Leadership +4; 2 vp)
You may use this after an ally has taken damage from an opponent’s attack. That ally must be within your command radius. The ally immediately gains 1d6 + your Charisma in temporary vitality points until the end of the encounter as a martial boon.


Pack Synergy (tier 1; Reaction; Nature +4; 2 vp)
When an ally misses a melee or ranged attack against an opponent that is in your threat zone, you may use this to add +1 to their attack roll.


Elemental Charge (tier 1; Reaction; Arcana +4; 2 vp)
When an ally within 100 feet of you declares a melee or ranged attack, but before the attack roll is made, you may use this to add damage equal to your APS to that attack. When you use this, you may select the elemental damage type (fire, cold, force, electrical). You must be aware of the ally to use this on the attack (not usable on allies you cannot see).


Form Up (tier 1; Reaction; War +4; 2 vp)
This ability may be used after an ally within 30 feet suffers damage from an attack. You and the ally may immediately make one shift directly towards each other by the shortest route possible.

Reactive Abilities

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