Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 53-55: Second Seige of Menethar Part I-III

The second battle of Menethar begins with the heroes helping to hold the wall against the oncoming horde. The battle opens with the heroes shooting what ranged weapons they have as the undead surge forward, with Adgar destroying vast swathes of the enemy using bursts of living fire. The heroes fight off the skeletal warriors ascending the siege ladders and battle stone gargoyles swooping in from above.

The walls shake and there is a thunderous sound as the heroes turn to see a raised great worm emerge from the earth, bringing down a section of the wall. The heroes rush to that section to battle the beast, arriving to see Obudai coming from the other direction. Mutana nimbly dashes down the rubble to engage the creature, while the others take up position out of reach and Shai’ani moves summons her centurion of nature and then flies in to attack as well. Meanwhile, Obudai slides down the other side, calling the creature all manner of foul names while he batters it with his greatsword.

Mutana is snatched up and almost swallowed, but manages to crawl out onto the creatures head. Using siege breaker, he cracks open the worm’s head carapace and those that can begin pouring attacks into the weak spot. Meanwhile, Adgar realizes his magic isn’t cooperating, and so switches on his runes and enters the fray with his hammer to great effect. Thakan meanwhile does his best to heal the massive blows the worm is inflicting. The worm is finally felled, with Mutana riding the corpse down and leaping to safety.

The heroes hold the breach for a time, then see an undead dragonling flying towards the gate. The creature appears to drop off a cadre of troops and the heroes decide to counter the threat, lest the gate fall. When they arrive, they encounter General Kairon and his wight guards, as well as a necrolyte, a healer of the dead. The heroes engage and prioritize taking out the necrolyte, with Thakan landing the final blow with a critical blast of holy fire that reduces the creature to ash.

The heroes then decide to focus on taking out the guards, but soon realize that as each guard falls the general becomes invigorated. The cease attacking the guards and focus on the General, but the wight’s ability to intervene means they are still slowly being slain. As the General grows in size and unleashes his various powers, the heroes begin to get worried that the enemy may be too strong, but with a furious assault they manage to bring him down. With their commander dead, the undead army falls into disarray and retreats, escaping through portals.

After the battle the group meets with the three Lords again in the war room. Lord Jerovel says it is time to begin the final push, gather our forces, and march on the blighted citadel of Atheron. Amunet says this battle you must fight alone, a final crucible to prove you can stand against the true fight to come. However, I offer one piece of advice. The vampire lord must be dealt with one way or another before you confront Azazae. You cannot defeat both at once, that is certain.

Lord Ethna says that while we prepare and march, we need to send specialist teams to three objectives. There are rumors of something in Uruval Bog, which would lie on the flank of our siege lines and so represents a potential threat. We also have word of villagers in Yarasa being experimented on by a minion of Azazae, the fruits of those efforts could be used against us. Finally, our scouts indicate that remnants of Amerana forces are hiding in the forests. We need someone to make contact and bring them over to our cause. The heroes debate and then decide to aid the viilagers of Yarasa.

Before they leave, Lord Jerovel presents them with gifts from his own armory or which he had made special for them. See the details below:

  • Armor of Volcanic Drake: Light III (fitted, -1 AP), +2 Str, +2 Cha, +1 Con, +2 AV. Resistance checks against your spells that deal fire or force damage suffer a -1 penalty.
  • Armor of the Iron Drake: Heavy III, Fitted (-1 AP), +2 Mystic Str, +2 Mystic Con, +1 Agi, Fortified (reduce SDM 2), +2 mystic AV. DR 15 against fire.
  • Savageheart Leather: Light II (fitted, -1 AP), +2 Agi, +2 Cha, +1 Con, +2 AV. +2 mystical bonus to natural attack damage.
  • Ring of Inspiration: Takes 24 hours to recharge after use, requires Move Action. All allies in command radius can reroll all rolls they make until the start of your next turn. During that same period they may add 1d6 to all damage they deal with an active attack (not passive damage) and reduce all damage they take by 1d6.
  • Belt of the Purifier: Any time you heal someone with a power, roll 1d10 per poison, disease, arcane, and supernatural effect they are currently suffering. On a roll of 7+ that effect is removed.



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