Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 51: Proving Their Worth

The heroes hear the voice of Azazae, who says they have not defeated him despite what it looks like. He also says that even should they survive this, those they care for will suffer his wrath. The heroes then proceed to fight the frozen dead and an undead giant. Mutana holds back the giant while Shai’ani and Adgar try to distract the remaining frozen dead. Meanwhile, Skardus fights from the shadows and fringes and Thakan dances about, healing where it is needed. Shai’ani and her centurion take down one undead while Skardus and Mutana work down another, but it is Adgar’s fire that proves truly punishing against the undead. Eventually even the giant is brought down under hammering blows from Mutana’s living weapon enhanced by Adgar’s flames.

After a day of travel they reach the tower of Peiter, still in excellent shape and surrounded by a dome of energy. Floating on one edge is a plate of brass with gemstones and sockets. After a little experimentation, Adgar realizes that putting the yellow and red gems in the sockets is the answer, creating the colors of fire.

The heroes then make their way to the wall of the tower, as their are no doors. They find a series of Arai runes, which Adgar translates as a sequence of numbers accompanied by a stone keypad. Skardus solves the sequence with Mutana and a door opens, revealing a large room with a stone golem inside.

The golem says the secrets are not for them and tells them to turn back or be dealt with. Adgar challenges the golem, which says they may pass if they prove their wisdom. The heroes answer a series of three riddles, after which the golem turns into stairs up to the next level.

The next test appears to involve manipulation of light and mirrors. Eventually the heroes configure them properly and a flash of light teleports them to the top floor, where they are met by an image of Peiter. The final test is the test of purpose, which Adgar passes to Peiter’s satisfaction. The heroes are allowed to claim the book and leave the tower.

Secrets of Fire
Any spell dealing fire damage may have one of the following modifications applied:

  • Wildfire (Fire damage dice explode, but casts critically fail one easier)
  • Spiritfire (Gains crossing property and can be used in drell, but difficulty to cast increases one)
  • Blackfire (gains unholy and increases damage by 50%, and cast is one easier, but is corrupting)
  • Whitefire (gains holy, but cast difficulty increases one)
  • Livingfire (gains life property, but costs one extra vitality)
  • Palefire (gains necrotic, but casts critically fail one easier).



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