Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 50: Lifting the Curse

Still inside Mutana’s inner spirit, the heroes travel to the mountain off in the distance. Mutana mentions at prompting that this is the place where he defeated bandits who had attacked a caravan he was with; his first battle as an adult and trained warrior. As the heroes approach, a voice echoes bidding Mutana to come to an accord, saying that they are far more powerful together. Mutana steels his resolve and rejects the offer, entering the cave to confront the corrupted spirit.

The heroes make short work of the other corrupted memories, then take the fight to the were-spirit. Adgar in his hardier spirit form stands toe-to-toe with the beast alongside Mutana, while the others occasionally take refuge from it’s bursts of rage. Eventually they bring it down and awaken back around the fire. Mutana feels the simmering rage of the curse lift and now feels in harmony with the grimstak spirit.

When the heroes return to Stambrecht, Menethraxia Drozul arrives, landing outside the city walls, resting upon them as if they were merely a fence. The Arai send arrows forth in desperation, but cease when she tells them to cease their buzzing or she will burn their city to ash. She calls out the heroes, who approach with Thakan in the lead to speak to her. Menethraxia offers a deal, give her Amunet’s head and she will call off her children. She and Thakan speak for a time, then she withdraws to let them ponder her offer.

Sometime later, the heroes head North towards the Hafdenhjar Fells to seek the tower of Peiter Strukka, wherein Adgar hopes to find Peiter’s Grimoire on the secrets of fire. As the travel frozen dead burst from the ground in an ambush.



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