Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 8-10: Puppet Master Part I, II, & III

The heroes spend some downtime before being once again called to action. A child has gone missing in the village of Larosa and Lord Talatha wants the heroes to investigate on his behalf. On the road to Larosa the heroes encounter a bard, who shares their camp for the evening. In the morning a coin with a fishing hook symbol on it is left behind and the bard is gone. Thakan suspects they met Wenadu, an Enar of great power and mystery, as the fishing hook is Wenadu’s symbol. The coin does radiate divine power.

By the time the heroes arrive, a second child has gone missing. The heroes investigate the scene and eventually suspect the children walked northeast. Further investigation reveals the ruins of a manor are said to be in that direction. While investigating in town, the heroes become suspicious of the local priest, eventually exposing the priest as a cultist of Azazae, a necromancer who died some 90 years earlier. The Lady Adone and her husband, who lived in that ruined manor, were also accused of being cultists and burned alive in that manor.

The heroes ask a local hunter to lead them to the manor, where they discover a ghostly spirit known as a Waedalon has the children attached to a soul siphon, which is draining their life essence. The ruins are also filled with animate skeletons and zombies. After a massive battle, the Waedalon is defeated and the children are rescued. Upon her defeat, the Waedalon transforms into the ghostly image of Lady Adone. She is thankful for releasing her, and indicates that her handmaiden Latia was the true cultist. She indicates Latia has transformed herself into an undead creature called a Vargheist, and that she lurks in the basement of the ruins.

After sending the children back to the village with the hunter, the heroes descend into the basement to confront Latia. After clearing out the remaining undead, they confront the Vargheist in a pool of algae covered water. Eventually the creature is defeated and Mutana cleaves her head from her body.

After a feast celebrating their deeds, the heroes return to Soluvanni and report what transpired in Larosa. They then take a month long break to rest and recuperate.



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