Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 1: It Begins in Fire

The heroes come together as guards and associates of Baro the Fat as he returns from trading in the east. After traveling for days under the inauspicious red harbinger, the group arrives at Thessia and settles into the local Inn for the evening. Their evening repast is interrupted by the sounds of battle and the entry into the Inn of lizard-like creatures in strange armor.

After a brief battle, the heroes catch sight of a great beast arising from the center of town. Giant rune covered chains and bindings fall away as the creature spreads it’s wings and begins bathing Thessia in flame. The heroes flee into secret tunnels beneath the city known to Baro. During their journey through the tunnels, the uncover a woman of an unknown race floating in stasis. Adgar senses the enchantments and awakens her. Much of what she says makes little sense to the group, but before she departs she marks them with a spell and says she may have use for them.



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