Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 20: Ihinas

Crossing through the portal, the heroes find themselves in the hellish dimension of Ihinas. Across the burning and bloody plain they can vaguely see in the far distance the monstrous form of Irejuh Emotebus, the devourer, endlessly consuming anything that wanders into it’s vicinity.

The also seek a Yadaran they presume to be Marutha being tortured by a demonic creature, known as an Urju Jeddath, and a pack of bloodhounds. The fight is fierce, with the creatures baleful eye inflicting terrible damage. To balance the scales, Skardus takes aim at the creatures eye and puts it out with a well-placed shot. Eventually the creatures is slain and the heroes exit the portal with Marutha.

The court wizard takes Marutha into custody for practicing magic without training and the portal is carefully sealed.



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