Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 12: Border Skirmish

Aladon gives the heroes a book on Arcana as a reward for their aid, then the heroes take some downtime. Lord Talatha then tasks the heroes to lead a platoon of troops (commanded by Lieutenant Felesta) to bolster the ranks at Fort Rolunas. A neighboring Lord named Ishvari has been making aggressive moves along the border.

As they make their way north, they encounter fleeing Talathan troops. After Skardus rallies the troops, the heroes learn that Ishvari troops have taken Fort Rolunas. Moving quickly, Skardus convinces the Talathan troops to join them and they immediately head north to counter the Ishvari attack. As the do so, they encounter the Ishvari force which seems to have been pursuing the fleeing troops.

Though outnumbered, the heroes lead their forces into battle. The leadership of Skardus and the healing of Thakan help to even the odds, and Mutana and Shai’ani slay the leaders of the opposing force, eventually breaking the Ishvari will to fight.



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