Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 42 & 43: Necropolis at Avashara Part I & II

Four green columns of energy arise from the sprawling necropolis, piercing the stormy sky like poisoned spines. The rows of graves and tombs extend far into the distance and meandering about them are thousands of undead. The heroes, testing the strength of Karunda’s ward, slowly make their way the through the masses towards the nearest column. Karunda’s ward holds, and the heroes are seemingly invisible as they eventually come within sight of what appears to be a crematoria.

Karunda appears beside them and indicates that ahead lies Vontius Trajan, an Ursus necromancer guarded by a skeletal sentinel. After the heroes make a plan, they close in on Vontius, but before they launch their attack the crematoria flames rise and the image of the lich Azazae appears. He says, “I knew you could not resist interfering here. I finally have a way to dispose of you without that witch interfering. I banish you to the oubliette!”

With that, all goes dark, and the heroes find themselves naked in a stone room and cut off from their powers. The only light comes from a small crystalline shard, which when touched whispers, “Let this be a light in the dark; it is what aid I can give.” The heroes determine they are in a shadow plane, using their knowledge of the planes.

The heroes make their way through the labyrinthine halls, coming across emaciated and gibbering wretches along the way. All the while they hear a faint whisper in their minds. They stop and take some time to think the problem through, but eventually return to searching, after which they come across a Shezar-Ki named Abujin, who seems somewhat more lucid. He agrees to guide the heroes to the shadowlord of the Oubliette and instructs them that he can only be defeated through declarations of positive will.

The heroes eventually find and confront the shadowlord, defeating it through force of will and belief in themselves and their cause. With the fall of the shadowlord, they are returned to the crematoria, where a surprised Vontius is caught off guard.

The heroes quickly assault Vontius, focusing on taking down his guardian while Adgar works feverishly to counter the necromancer’s spells. Shai’ani’s blizzard destroys the skeletons swarming up the stairs while the heroes furiously attack the necromancer, eventually felling him without suffering too much harm.

The heroes then decide to trek to the Western column, once again making their way through the undead horde. As they near, Karunda once again appears. Karunda indicates ahead lies the Prepatorium, where bodies are prepared for internment. There lies the sisters of silence, three noblewomen kidnapped by Azazae and turned into the undead creatures they now are. While they have the memories of the sisters, the bodies are occupied by the spirits of the anwae. He indicates that they create an area of silence around them and their talons drip with poison.

Skardus scouts the structure, and after some planning and preparation the heroes burst in through the doors on the short side of the building. At first the heroes deal with the sisters who move in and out of invisibility, striking and retreating. Eventually, Adgar strikes down one of the sisters with a fiery blow and the remaining sisters fly into a frenzy.

Mutana is hard-pressed defending his allies, but when a second sister falls to a fire bolt from Adgar, the last remaining one becomes a blur of claws that even Mutana could not hold back. Adgar is slain and Thakan is dropped before Mutana and Skardus can finally bring her down. In desperation, Skardus and Mutana use healing salves to restore Thakan to consciousness, but too long has passed and Adgar is beyond Thakan’s magic. The heroes are left to contemplate their options on how to proceed.



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