Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 38: Truth of the Light

Hurrying to the North Gate, the heroes arrive to find a breach in the shield covering the city and a line of desperate Nezuran defenders holding back a tide of monstrous, deformed creatures. A Nezuran captain in an arcane circle calls the heroes to help keep the horrors back while he closes the breach.

Focusing on buying time, most of the heroes array themselves to guard against breaks in the defensive line. Meanwhile, Shai’ani strikes at the floating eye, assuming it to be a command and control creature. The heroes strike what blows they can while Adgar focuses on countering the powerful arcane magic of the eye, but eventually the Nezuran line starts to break. Skardus calls for the troops to fallback and form a tighter line around the captain while Mutana, Skardus, and Thakan stand between the oncoming horrors and the ritual. Shai’ani strikes down the eye while Mutana holds back the enormous mutated hydra, his shield a wall of steel, and Thakan unleashes the full power of the Nezura and obliterates two monstrosities. Just as things begin to look very bad, the ritual is finished and the shield snaps back into place, disintegrating the creatures that breached the perimeter.

Moments later Amunet lands nearby riding Menethraxia and a second dragon bearing a howdah accompanies her. Amunet calls to the heroes, saying, “You fought well. Ride Atrazeralax; we go to drive Orophorus from the field.” When heroes climb on, Atrazeralax says, “Drovur, shaur axu nush?” At which point, Amunet and Menethraxia look sharply at the heroes. “A question for later; fly, time is short,” Amunet says.

The heroes would soon learn that Orophorus is the massive mass of tentacles, mouths, eyes, and flesh that loomed in the distance. Riding the dragon and manning arcane weapons arrayed along the howdah, the heroes and Amunet on Menethraxia begin to strafe the abomination with breath, claw, and arcane blasts. Following Amunet’s lead, the heroes guide Atrazeralax to do hit-and-run tactics, limiting Orophorus’ ability to strike at them with it’s multitude of limbs. The dragon’s inherent resistance to magic also serves to help protect them against the lances of arcane energy the creature sends forth. Eventually the withering assault is too much, and Orophorus teleports away.

When they land back inside the walls of the city, Amunet says, “Be proud, you have made a difference today. Kofur and Tahat have fallen, but the great ritual is nearly complete, and creator willing we will end this war. Now the question is, who are you?” Menethraxia then says, “Ur nuk tovoshar; tun axum Nashra, avo fulxar. Kand vokeen ir.” To which Menethraxia translates: One is of my line. They smell Nezuran, but only slightly. There is no illusion. The portal of light opens behind the heroes at this point, with each making a brief comment as they depart and finishing with Thakan addressing Amunet, passing words which he hopes plant a seed.

When the heroes return, the Ganoi says there is one last gift from the Divine, and each hero feels a surge of energy. Thakan is granted the power of Lightwielder, Shai’ani that of Ashbringer, Mutana gains Gate Breaker, Skardus gains Hand of Destiny, and Adgar gains the power of Lightsurge.

  • Thakan (Lightwielder, 1 Stamina, all damage/healing is max this round and can use Move as an Action)
  • Shai’ani (Ashbringer, 1 Stamina, 25’ burst centered on caster, 2d8+SPS holy fire damage, (+1d8 at level 30, +2d8 at 45), immune to fire 1 turn)
  • Mutana (Gate Breaker, 1 Stamina, break nearly any gate, object, or wall with a single blow)
  • Skardus (Hand of Destiny, 1 Stamina, use as a Fate point for any ally in command radius)
  • Adgar (Lightsurge, 1 Stamina, APS is doubled, casts are automatic, attack twice if making melee attack, 1 turn).



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