Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 21-22: The Road to Tar Elebreth Part I & II

During the downtime the heroes are attacked by cult assassins, each caught on their own and forced to fight for their lives. Each survive their encounter, but it was a close thing for many of them.

Also during the downtime Shai’ani enters the Fae realm at the behest of the Aelthenar (Fae Lords), and is told that her deeds have earned her the chance to serve as a Vaulkyria, a champion of one of the four courts. Shai’ani chooses to serve Winter, and is granted their mantle.

Meanwhile, Thakan receives dragon pins from his father, and a note from his father’s advisor (Yuraka), indicating that Thakan has made a name for himself and that his father is proud. Thakan’s mixed feelings leave him to alter the pins, but he wears them, which eventually leads to some recognizing him as a son of House Jerovel.

Skardus meanwhile encounters young punks from Clan Kalistes. One of the braver ones challenges Skardus to a duel, seeking to make a name for himself by defeating the now semi-famous Skardus. Skardus chooses the terms of the duel, and decisively defeats the challenger.

Mutana has a dream, running through the woods and encountering a one-eyed grimstak who calls him “young cub.”

Some time later, Tarengar tells the group that he has tracked Tanisi to the ruins of Tar Elebreth (a castle), which seems to have been partially restored. He says that their is a large force of undead there, so they will need a plan and allies, as well as ward stones to prevent Tanisi from fleeing by portal.

The heroes call upon their Kithana Arduin allies, who bring ward stones. They also enlist the aid of Lord Talatha and Lord Orsund, both of whom agree to commit troops. Finally, the Fae of Winter send the elite Frostreavers, Fae warriors of great renown. The Frostreavers also suggest that the heroes enlist the aid of the scion of Evendaloth, who resides in a grove a few days travel away. The heroes agree, since they need to wait for the troops from Amerjosa to arrive in any case.

At the Arolan Grove they encounter the deathkin Autaki, who appears to be trying to corrupt the scion using necrocites and cultists wielding necromancy. The heroes slaughter the cultists and necrocites in a pitched battle, and Autaki flees. Shai’ani then awakens the scion, who is in fact a large animated tree.



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