Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 18-19: Devil's Bargain Part I & II

After investigating the scene, the heroes track the kidnapper to a temple in Amerjosa. There they confront the Vampire Lord Tarengar and two massive weregrimstak. The heroes suspect they are no match for the foe, but Tarengar seems content to let his weregrimstak deal with the group and he flies off leaving Anathea unconscious at the foot of the altar.

Using cunning tactics, the heroes defeat the otherwise deadly weregrimstak, but unknown to everyone is that Mutana has been infected by one of the creature’s bites. When they check on Anathea it becomes clear that the Vampire Lord has turned her, but Wenadu indicates that she may yet be saved; however, the cost to Thakan will be high, draining some of his life force. Thakan decides to make the sacrifice, and channels divine power to cure Annathea.

Lord Orsund is overjoyed to have his daughter returned safely, and the entire city celebrates the heroes for curing the plague, fighting off the cultists, and rescuing their Lord’s daughter. The heroes leave to cheering crowds, but are no closer to capturing Tanisi.

As they travel back to Soluvanni, they are ambushed by Tanisi, who has prepared a ritual circle in a ruined tower. He unleashes magic and imps from Irejuh in an attempt to slay the heroes. As the group start to break down his magical wards, Tanisi realizes his plan has failed and he flees through a portal.

A few days later the heroes encounter the Vampire Lord Tarengar again. Tarengar offers a deal, saying he is enslaved by Azazae. If the heroes can secure the phial of blood that Azazae is using to bind him, Tarengar will aid them in the final confrontation with the lich. As a show of good faith, he promises to locate Tanisi for them.

Upon returning to Soluvanni, they see the Xelus banner of Lord Ethna, who is the Tanni that rules the Kingdom of Adranas (of which Soluvanni is a part). After being introduced to Lord Ethna, the heroes learn that many disturbing events are occurring in the region.

After a month of downtime, the heroes are approached by a woman named Ranani who says her husband has gone missing. After investigating the house, clues indicate that her husband, Marutha, may have been dabbling in arcane arts (with a minor talent). Following a trail of conjuring powder, it seems he went somewhere in the warehouse district. Further investigation eventually narrows it down, and the group talks their way past the warehouses security guard, finding an open magical portal. Shai’ani fearlessly heads through the portal to find Marutha, and the others follow somewhat more hesitantly.



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