Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 14: On the Trail of Tanisi

After returning to Soulvanni, Lord Talatha tells the group that Tanisi Resha has been spotted in Amerjosa. Lord Talatha indicates that he has secured permission from Lord Orsund for the heroes to enter the territory and capture Tanisi. They are told to make contact with Avani Veth upon reaching the city.

As the heroes near Amerjosa, the heroes encounter a nature spirit named Amala who says a sickness lay ahead and that the shadow of death has fallen upon the land. Upon reaching the city, they learn a plague has spread and that if they enter, they will not be allowed to leave without Lord Orsund’s permission due to a quarantine.

Once in the city they discover Avani is dead, but he left a note for them with his wife. The note indicates that an agent named Yuraka Totha has information for them. At the Totha residence the heroes find Totha has been stabbed in the heart and his wife and son slain by some unknown means. Searching, the heroes find a shrine to Arnovas, patron Enar of the Kithana Arduin, defiled by necromantic runes. in a concealed space they find Totha’s journal (with the Kithana Arduin symbol on it), where he indicates he suspects Tolomi Yaran of practicing black arts, saying, “there is a wrongness to the man.”

Investigating a low-end pub called the Leaky Barrel, they learn that Tolomi has not been seen in a couple of weeks, but that he works as a nightsoil man. The heroes raid his home, uncovering a nest of freshly turned vampires. After slaying the creatures, they search the house and find a map marking a spot upriver marked by ahuric runes that translate to “corpse garden.” The heroes obtain permission from a now sick Lord Orsund to leave the city in search of this corpse garden.



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