Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 13: Defiler's of the Dead

As the remaining Ishvari troops flee, the corpses on the field begin saying, “all is ash and dust” over and over again, then they merge into an undead abomination. After a tough fight the heroes destroy the creature, and the battle that would come to be known as the battle of Avalar Fields comes to an end.

Searching the remains the heroes uncover encoded orders indicating that the troops were to destroy the garrison and fort only. A lieutenant is found to have a hex bag with the symbol of the Black Star cult on it and a note indicating that he was to send trusted men to the Ourulani Mausoleum to steal the bones of a famous healer named Urothos Alandri.

Sensing time was of the essence, the heroes rush to the mausoleum to prevent the theft, while sending Felesta on to take control of the fort. When they arrive at the mausoleum, the doors are broken open and the tenders are dead. They find the Ishvari troops attempting to break into the sarcophagus. When the heroes attack, wights are summoned to aid the cultists. The battle begins to go badly for the heroes, but in a moment of inspiration Thakan moves across the room to stand near the sarcophagus of Urothos. He discovers not only are his powers augmented, the wights seem unable to approach. Armed with this knowledge, the heroes all rally around the sarcophagus and the tide turns.

With the cultists and wights dispatched, the spirit of Urothos thanks the heroes for their timely intervention.



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