Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 5-7: A Sickness on the Land Part I, II, and III

As a reward for their deeds, the heroes are brought fully into the service of Lord Talatha. He gives them jobs within town, a stipend, and land in Soluvanni. After enjoying some well-earned downtime, the heroes are called upon to investigate a strange blight in the village of Orothan. He asks them to determine the nature of the blight, and if possible, resolve the issue.

After investigating the blight in the village, the heroes eventually track the blight back to the farm of a man named Tilano. Tilano says the blight began when he was clearing a new field and he uncovered a hole. After examining the new field, Shai’ani notices a large rock with wildkin runes on it. Tilano says the rock was covering the hole.

Realizing the stone was a ward against corruption that was protecting a nature shrine, the group decides to descend into the hole and see what may have happened. The heroes fight through waves of pestilent larva and spawn in the watery underground caverns, eventually locating the source of the blight, an Avatar of Corruption. Channeling the power of nature, Shai’ani with the help of her allies overcome the creature and cleanse the shrine. The spirit of the shrine, an annui named Anoki, rewards the heroes with a blessing of life.



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