Abderaz: Rebirth

Adventure 11: A Fugitive

A knight named Aladon Dreth of the Kithana Arduin, a group dedicated to hunting down warlocks, withces, and necromancers, arrives in Soluvanni. When he asks Lord Talatha for aid, the heroes are called upon once again. It turns out an escaped necromancer named Tanisi Resha was seen in the city recently.

After investigating in the city, the group eventually raids a house in the slums. They dispatch several cultists of the Black Star cult inside. Evidence from inside the house points to Tanisi hiding with a noble name Lord Hasano Ourth.

After reporting their findings to Lord Talatha and Knight Dreth, the heroes proceed to the estate of Lord Ourth with a contingent of Kithana Arduin. Lord Talatha does no endorse an attack on Lord Ourth without proof. The heroes try the subtle approach, which eventually leaves them confronting Lord Ourth in the crypt beneath the manor. Mutana senses the Lord’s pain at losing his wife, and speaks to him, convincing him to turn on Tanisi.

Having learned that Tanisi is hiding upstairs, the heroes and the knights go to confront the necromancer. When they break into the room, Tanisi sends out a blast of necrotic energy and then flees through a portal. Thankfully, Knight Dreth uses his Kithana Arduin training to deflect the magic, but Tanisi escapes.



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