A Dar Guhal Wildkin


Dar-ghul name: Sochi
Shazar-ki name: Shai’ani
Father: Sozin
Brother: Sozai
Sister: Soccia
Mom: Astir
Mentor: Alia, Wildkin Elder of Khamdi Masmira
Qam: Yesod, elder husband of a Northern Herding Qam

Theme song:



The humid air in the Khamdi Masmira has always been the greatest conveyor of sounds, tonight that sound is a eulogistic lament. Shai’ani never fully adapted to the humid southern winds that would blow acrossed the Hedrad. But it brought life and movement to the forest. And it was a sign that Meshnihdrad is brushing the face of the desert as he ushers the traveller from the south to the north. And she prays that Meshnihdrad will guide Alia’s spirit into the Eternal Qam, or better yet, not to. And just merely let her spirit travel the Tagyu. She was in conflict which her upbringings or belief would dominate her mind as she imagine death. Would it be that of the native Shazar-ki? or her teachings of Spirits and nature? Or it be the her even distant upbringing of Hazjinkammi.

Shai’ani was born on the other side of the Tuzim-Hazjin, in a rich household of Mizlan nobles. The looming visage of the snow covered Tuzim-Hazjin has always reminded her, no matter how far she runs, the Mizlan will always be on the horizon. She often recall the night of her “escape” as she recalled it. Her family in Mizlan was never that influential or that rich. It was once a great noble house of power and control during the Age of the Shattered Mirror. Her ancestors refused to kneel to the Mukhaji and thus their power and wealth bled for a millennium. The waning influence of her household had always taken a toll on her father, Sozin nuna-Kuzin. Sozin was only viewed as a Jahbranna for a few minor reasons and none of them were due to merits. Her brother, Sozai and sister, Soccia all took after their father. Shai’ani is the mirror of her mom, Astir. When Shai’ani was very young, Astir choose to divorce Shai’ani’s father, according to Mizlan laws, she took service in the military instead. Shai’ani always remembered the day her mom left.

Sometimes good memory is a curse.

Alia would always be telling Shai’ani Shazar-Ki proverbs like that in the middle of the night by the fire. They spent many nights wandering in the Masmira forest, just the two of them. It was a Wildkin tradition between pupils and mentors. Ever since she made it through the Tuzim-Hazjin she remember being cared for by Alia. Alia was the mother that Shai’ani never had. In fact her Shazar-ki name, Shai’ani was given to her by Alia. Alia discovered her, as Sochi, daughter of Sozin a proud Dar-ghul on the snow covered plateau of Tuzim-Hazjin some 15 years ago. She was lost in the storm. And to her grave, Alia never believed that anyone, especially a child could of crossed those mountains without some sort of aid. It is also this reason that, Alia believed Shai’ani is either gifted or chosen. Alia, like all Shazar-ki was not particularly religious. But her order of Wildkins had always had dealing with the Feys in Khamdi Masmira. So their belief system of many gods has a added layer of nature spirits. Between the all the panoply of the Shazar-Ki gods and the the forest spirits, Alia often lost track of which one are gods and which one are just simply, Fey. Fortunately, this was how Shai’ani was introduced to Wildkin teachings and the culture of the Shazar-ki. But there was Yesod, a herder of the truest Shazar-ki blood. A rather influential member of his Yaqi’tera. Being an elder husband, he has been one of the greatest source of trade for Alia and Shai’ani for forest based goods. It has always allowed them to make a decent income while living off the land. Yesod had always joked that the lifestlye of Alia was un-becoming of a Shazar-ki, and that if he ever was kicked from his Yagi’tera, he would make an honest Shazar-ki women out of Alia. Shai’ani had always viewed Yesod and Alia as her un-official parents. The fact that Alia died suddenly and Yesod’s Qam being far to the south illustrated how lost Shai’ani is without them. She finishes the lament alone, or she feels alone. But notice animals and spirits gathering on the funeral pyre. The fireflies and wisps usher forth the arrival of the forest king, a friend of Alia for many cycles. Its presence speaks more than words. And the forest echoes Shai’ani’s lament with a symphony of sounds. Wind finding crevices, tree thumping rhythm and animals howling together to create an alien ballad. Shai’ani finishes her lament, a Shazar-ki parting and whispers a Durian prayer to Tapiyayin.

The South-Eastern winds of the Hedrad brings the winter heat that keeps the forest warm in the winter. The warmer weather does not discourage the animals and the forest from slowing into a hibernal sleep. The Dar-Ghul Namyina disturbs only those who are familiar with the din of the forest. Namyina, skilled in the way of stealth, still stood out in the forest. Perhaps its the protector forest king giving warning, or the Namyina are in an unfamiliar environment, Shai’ani survived only at the cost of many forest spirits and animals. The forest king, always protective and never reaching a bond with Shai’ani as they did with Alia, asked in their Fey tongue for Shai’ani to bring her darkness elsewhere. In such a passive method, that a Sidd would of been impressed. Shai’ani took what little she had and left the Khamdi Masmira for the first time in her adult live. It was the second time she had to abandon a home. Shai’ani took to the nearby trade routes and met up with the first friendly caravan she found.


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